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CEO/General Manager - Ponderay, Idaho

Location: Ponderay, Idaho
Date Posted: 03-31-2017

The CO-OP Country Store, Ponderay, Idaho is seeking a CEO/General Manager.  This supply cooperative includes energy, retail farm store, and agronomy with annual sales of $9 million.  The ideal candidate will be proficient at problem solving, building successful customer relationships and possess a working knowledge of at least 3 – 5 years in Ag business including, petroleum and retail.  Candidates must have a strong financial background with superior employee and customer relation skills and strong computer skills.
To plan, organize, direct. Coordinate and control the operations of the cooperative in a manner to achieve the objectives of the company. Resulting in best possible patron service, greater sales volume and increased savings for the cooperative's patrons.
Reports to:  Board of Directors
Duties and Responsibilities:
Employee Relations
  • Establish employee policy.
  • Administer employee policy.
  • Establish and maintain supervisor - employee protocol.
  • Responsible for employee staffing, training and development.
  • Review all employee performances - annually.
  • Oversee retirement plans, health plans and other employee benefits.
  • Establish and maintain job descriptions with each supervisor reporting to him.
  • Negotiates objectives with department managers and employees to reach the established goals.
  • Require supervisors to cross train employees.
  • Hold department supervisors and employees accountable.
  • Encourages planning for special events.
  • Establish accounts receivable controls.
  • Establish accounts payable controls.
  • Establish inventory controls.
  • Establish cash controls.
  • Backup department managers in their absent. (i.e. order fuel when the fuel manager is absent)
  • Establish customer service protocol and expectations.
  • Develop product pricing protocol for the different kinds of products. (Commodity vs. Hardware)
  • Analysis store floor displays to maximize profits.
  • Oversee the advertising department to promote selling opportunities.
  • Pay attention to all advertising mediums; road sign, Roundup, news print, web sites and radio.
  • Work with department managers to develop new products and services. (Westrock)
  • Negotiate pre-season buying for best pricing.
  • Go to trade shows to be informed about new products and product lines.
Asset Oversight
  • Maintain company asset life.
  • Establish maintenance programs for:
    • Rolling stock
    • Buildings and parking lot
    • Storage buildings
    • Fueling station
    • Propane storage
    • Real property
  • Negotiate property insurance

  • Establish safety protocol.
  • Establish Emergency programs.
  • Create safety training programs for staff.
  • Oversee propane and driver safety programs.

Governmental regulations and ordinances.
Be familiar with and be able to comply with all applicable rules for the following:
  • DOT.
  • IDEQ.
  • ldaho Tax Commission.
  • ldaho Storage Tank Fund.
  • Department of Ag. - Pharmaceuticals and product labels.
  • Department of Ag. - Weights & Measures.
  • City of Ponderay.
  • SPCC Plans.
  • IRS - Excise returns.
  • PCI Compliance.
  • Depart of Labor - 401k filings.
  • Census reporting for the following:
    • Depart of Commerce - lawn/garden.
    • Depart of Energy - all fuels.
    • Cooperative Survey - co-op data reporting
    • Depart of Ag - Crop, feed and seed.
Accounting Responsibilities
  • Responsible for employee training and development.
  • Establish accounting procedures.
  • Establish inventory procedures and controls.
  • Cash Management.
  • Depreciation schedule and asset management.
  • Reconcile investment accounts of other cooperatives.
  • Backup GL and PR Processing.
  • Be familiar with lT for enhancing employee productive.
Financial Reporting
  • Analyze financial results.
  • Accountable to the Board and Membership for the following:
    • Balance Sheet
    • Operating lncome
    • Sales
  • Make results available to appropriate users.
Deal with Creditors
  • Establish vendor accounts and extended credit.
  • Negotiate Bank credit as needed.
  • Report financial status to D & B and major creditors.
  • Establish short-range and long-range goals as to:
    • Sales volume.
    • Operational Profits.
    • Capital investments.
    • Cash flows.
  • Estimate payroll and employee benefit requirements.
  • Advertising strategy.
  • Schedule special selling events for budgeting purposes.
  • Must have Board of Directors approval for all cash outlays for fixed assets.
Membership and Cooperative philosophy
  • Annual Meeting.
  • Establish Dividend Policies.
  • Establish Equity and Estate payout policies.
  • Develop member benefit programs.
  • Develop 'next generation' memories for continued membership into the future.
  • Update and administer Articles and Bylaws of the cooperative as needed.
  • Maintain the cooperative image and community involvement.
Board of Directors
  • Accountable to the Board of Directors for all of the above.
  • Prepare monthly and special Board meetings as directed.
  • Create and maintain policy manuals as needed.
  • Responsible for results of internal audits by outside CPA auditors.
  • Make recommendations to the Board.
  • Other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
The CO-OP Country Store, Ponderay, Idaho is an equal opportunity employer and offers competitive salary and excellent employee benefits.  For more information about the organization and position, please contact Dave Lemmon, National Director of Placement, at or (320) 219-0270.  
Interested applicants should apply online.
Application deadline:  May 14, 2017
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